zero waste cosmetic brand

My Final Major Project is combination of my personal passion for zero waste lifestyle and my love for branding projects. For my dissertation I researched the sustainability in cosmetic industry and how graphic design can be utilised to influence younger customers to make responsible shopping choices. I then created Vital - zero waste cosmetic brand aimed on changing the behaviour of young female customers to make the cosmetic industry more sustainable and less wasteful.

The rationale behind this branding comes out from the target audience. From logo to promotional materials I used bold shapes, colours and witty copy to reach my desired audience. I used gifs and animation to bring my brand to live and attract a short attention span of my target customers.

Brand would be launched via this promotional video and social media content such as gifs in instastories

social media promotion

product line - soap, toothpaste, shampoo - all in solid form to save water and get rid of plastic packaging
to minimize the waste even more, products will be only sold in physical stores, displayed in the branded shop stand
how to use the product - infographic

Scroll inside the macbook image to see a landing page of vital website

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