bike hire scheme for Cardiff locals

My submission for D&AD New Blood Awards. The Brief 'Switch it up a gear' asked for (re)imagining the identity of a local bike hire scheme in a city of our choosing. This could be one that already exists or a new scheme.

I chose Cardiff, because I worked in a cyclist cafe in the city centre during my first year of uni. Cardiff cycling culture is growing and the goal of local cycling community is to create similar cycling culture to Amsterdam, therefore I created a bike hire scheme for Cardiff locals.

To attract locals I incorporated welsh words into my branding identity. Name and logo 'ddot' means spot in welsh - I used this as the main concept to motivate locals in exploring every spot of their home city.

branding concept and bike wrap
mobile app - navigation, bike hire, spots collection
online and offline promotion
merch selling spots and social media profile
merch bottle - available to purchase in partner cafe's and shops

Scroll inside the macbook image to see a landing page of vital website

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