cool the planet, compost

composting campaign for the London Borough of Islington

Cool the Planet, Compost is answer to my uni brief called 'Shifting Experiences'. The brief was to design an 'experience' that would inform people about a human centred problem of our choosing, in my case - Climate change.

The project was created with an aim to motivate people to compost more of their organic waste in order to help with the climate change. It was created as a concept campaign for the area of Caledonian Road, London as a small scale example for the Borough of Islington.

The solutions were invented with the challenges of this area in mind, such as missing system of compost collection by the council and the amount of young people living in small flats in this area.

To motivate young people in this area I decided to use a mobile app as the main medium of my campaign.
To inform people about my campaign an informative leaflet will be delivered to each apartment. It will also include link to download the app.
Compost bins will be situated at same locations as other recycling containers to help the council to make the transition towards weekly compost collections.

Scroll inside the macbook image to see a landing page of vital website

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